Generally, am a cheerful guy and have a good laugh over trivial things

As they say, when you laugh when you are alone, you really mean it 🙂

Ma is always creating funny moments:
  • the lizard in its terrific pose in front of DurgaMBA in the Kitchen
  • the plastic tumbler that i carry to the Baddy Courts fitting exactly over the Li-Ning shuttle barrel
There's no way to imagine these things!

One serious advantage of staying alone is one can be a relentless observer of one's thoughts

Ramana Sadguru says that's the only freedom we have: everything is destined and all we can do is to be a Witness to Phenomena, like the Self

It doesn't make sense to uproot things before their time; it will only backfire on you

As usual, the Master says it best in the Gospel:
"…It is not good to renounce anything before the proper time arrives. When the fruit ripens, the flower drops off of itself. One shouldn't forcibly tear off the green branch of a coconut tree. That injures the tree."
"Once a child said to its mother: 'Mother, I am going to sleep now. Please wake me up when I feel the call of nature.' 'My child,' said the mother, 'when it is time for that, you will wake up yourself. I shan't have to wake you.'" 
This is the sahaja (natural) manner; the branch of the coconut tree should drop off by itself

But, all the while, we are a Witness

that's why i am such a fan of the Middle Path; you will not get into a muddle ;-)


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